Knoxville’s top premises liability case provider since 1999. At Stokes, Williams, Sharp our goal is get the very best result possible for our clients in each case, no matter the complexity.

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Accidents can and often do happen anywhere the public is welcome, whether there is a dangerous condition on the premises or not. At Stokes, Williams, Sharp, our trial lawyers understand that not all injuries indicate negligence on the premises owner. Our attorneys are known for aggressively handling premises liability matters for small and large businesses, homeowners, and insurance companies.

Premises liability actions require prompt investigation and thorough examination of all the facts associated with the accident. By approaching each case proactively, our attorneys have saved our clients thousands of dollars in litigation fees, not counting possible adverse judgments, by making numerous successful Motions for Summary Judgment in the early stages of litigation. You can rest assured that our experienced and skilled attorneys have a proven track record of prevailing when premises liability cases reach the jury.

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