Knoxville’s top construction case provider since 1999. At Stokes, Williams, Sharp our goal is get the very best result possible for our clients in each case, no matter the complexity or the amount of damages involved.

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Construction cases are complicated and often frustrating to effectively litigate because they regularly escalate into drawn-out, multi-party lawsuits where parties spend more time and money finger pointing than making actual progress. At Stokes, Williams, Sharp, our attorneys are skilled at quickly unraveling and effectively and efficiently litigating construction cases involving claims for additional compensation and other damages due to changes, defective work, differing site conditions and delays.

The experience and depth of knowledge of our construction attorneys, including a specialized background and education in engineering, set us apart from other firms that merely dabble in construction on an occasional basis. Our attorneys have enjoyed success practicing before state and federal courts, both at the trial and appellate level, as well as various government boards of contract appeals.

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