The number of EEOC charges and lawsuits arising from discrimination, harassment, and retaliation have risen over the recent years.  The employment lawyers at Stokes, Williams, Sharp, Cope & Mann excel at representing business clients before state and federal trial and appellate courts and administrative agencies in lawsuits and other proceedings involving employment and workplace claims. We handle lawsuits involving discrimination based on race, religion, sex, age, national origin, disability and pregnancy as well as harassment and retaliation claims.

Our lawyers have extensive and specialized employment litigation experience that enhances our ability to get you the best result in your case.  We pride ourselves on the skill, expertise, and cutting edge legal research that enable our attorneys to dismiss many of our clients’ cases prior to trial through Motions to Dismiss or Motions for Summary Judgment.  When your case involves issues that cannot be resolved through legal motions, our attorneys have enjoyed consistent success in favorably resolving cases through jury trials or the appellate process.  Additionally, we are able to leverage our firm’s litigation success to give our clients an edge when settling the case is the most cost-effective or risk-sensitive avenue, whether through direct negotiation or mediation.