Criminal Defense


Contact us immediately if you or someone you know is under investigation or is charged with committing a crime in state or federal court. Our team will give you the counsel you need to settle a case, try a case or appeal adverse rulings.

We represent clients charged with all types of crimes, including:

  •  DUI
  •  Drugs
  •  Weapons
  •  Aggravated Assault
  •  Domestic Violence
  •  Burglary
  •  Robbery
  •  Child Abuse
  •  Reckless Endangerment
  •  Theft
  •  Embezzlement
  •  Homicide
  •  Orders of Protection
  •  Probation Violations

Getting us involved as your defense team early on can have a major impact on how your legal situation develops or is resolved. Often our involvement on your behalf can result in resolution even before a complaint or indictment is filed against you.